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Tell me about your North Dakota Brandy

We carefully select fine locally grown North Dakota fruits to distill. Every fall, over 300 growers bring fruit into the Maple River Winery and Distillery. We select fruit that will be used to be turned into brandy. Our brandy is distilled twice to remove impurities but to keep the body. It is 40% alcohol or 80 proof just like grape brandy. We have some unaged brandy available in our tasting room and have a good quantity cellared and aging. We hope to release limited quantities of some of our Chokecherry Brandy at 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. Our first 1 year Chokecherry Brandy release will be in November. We anticipate it to be available at our Pride of Dakota holiday showcases. Reserve one of the limited bottles by emailing us here.

Drink recipes are available by clicking on the link. Please use our products in moderation.